Cloud computing market in India is expected to grow to $4 billion by 2020, as reported by Economic Times. It is also estimated that by 2022, cloud computing jobs will cross the mark of 1 million in the country. Here are some of the top uses and applications of cloud computing that bring cloud computing professionals in huge demand:

Why we are different
from others

Development of web applications, mobile applications and games on cloud & Big data analytics using many cloud-based data science and analytics tools

Software as a service (SAAS) that allows businesses to use cloud-based business management applications like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning

Cloud based file storage as well as data backup services that are not only cost effective but also useful in disaster recovery management

Software and application testing and development on cloud that helps businesses save huge money on infrastructure

It is also worth mentioning that different industrial verticals have started harnessing the potential of cloud computing for business profits. Some examples include:
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Real estate
  • Finance and banking
  • Entertainment and social media
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Production and manufacturing and more


Tech Explica offers cloud computing training and certification courses in the most popular platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure and VMware. The purpose of these courses is to develop necessary cloud computing skills and knowledge and prepare professional cloud computing experts for the blooming job market. After completing one of these courses, you would be ready to work as a cloud computing professional in India as well as abroad.

Who Can Join Cloud
Computing Courses?

Cloud computing is one of those technology-led fields that don’t essentially require one to be from technical background. At Tech Explica, we make cloud computing training available to anyone interested in a rewarding career in cloud computing industry. You may join these courses if you are a:

  • Beginner ready to start a career and has developed inclination towards cloud computing
  • IT professional ready to switch from traditional profiles to cloud computing job profiles
  • Software or application developers willing to learn cloud-based development
  • Network admin, system admin or database admin willing to take similar responsibilities in cloud environment
  • Cloud computing experts who target specialized certification in AWS, Azure or any other platform
  • Project managers from traditional infrastructure setups willing to handle projects in cloud environment

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Every cloud computing training and certification course at Tech Explica is designed in a way that it imparts the most sought-after skills apart from building a strong base in the field. Some of the top outcomes of our courses include:

  • Fundamentals of cloud computing and those of platforms like AWS, Azure, VMware etc.
  • Cloud architectural designs
  • Virtual network creation, configuration, management and more
  • Security management in cloud computing
  • Database services on cloud
  • Performing DevOps on different cloud platforms
  • Planning and implementing storage and backup on cloud
  • Cloud migration and automation
  • Creating and managing infrastructure on hybrid/multi-cloud environment

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

What features one should look while choosing a cloud computing course? At Tech Explica, we evaluate the important features and integrate them with our training programs. Some of them include:

  • Comprehensive course content which focuses on all important aspects of cloud computing
  • Hands-on training with great focus on practical lab sessions
  • Further learning through real-life case studies and projects
  • Evaluations using quizzes, assignments and other mediums
  • Progressive learning path starting from fundamentals to advanced concepts

What Make Cloud Computing Certification Important? (With AWS/MS Azure Certificate)

The worth of acquiring certification in cloud computing is recognized once you are ready to enter the job market and also after you get a job. Here are some reasons to go for cloud computing certification:

  • Achieve certifications from the names like Amazon and Microsoft
  • Be relevant to the dynamically growing cloud job market at a professional level
  • Improve your earning potential dramatically
  • Endorse your employability with the top employers
  • Be competitive and have an edge over others
  • Enjoy job security and growth opportunities

Why Choose Tech Explica for Cloud Computing Courses?

Tech Explica is one of the leading destinations for cloud computing course because of the advantages like:

  • Cloud industry experts playing the role of instructors
  • Small course batches and individual attention
  • Impressive record of preparing certified professionals
  • Placement assistance and career counselling

Cloud computing certification can help you earn that dream salary and achieve the highest level of professional satisfaction. Give us a call for course details.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Artificial Intelligence Courses?

After becoming a trained and certified artificial intelligence professional, you would be joining the league of in-demand candidates. Apart from big companies like Accenture, Infosys, IBM, Microsoft and HCL, there are many other employers constantly in need of:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.