Machine learning and associated fields like data science and artificial intelligence have contributed massively towards a new and hot job market in India. According to LinkedIn, there are nearly 10 times more machine learning engineers in the global industry than 5 years ago. Still, there are nearly 50,000 jobs for data science and machine learning professionals that are lying vacant in India, according to Business World.

Machine learning professionals are doing wonder by devising machines and systems that utilize artificial intelligence to bring profits for businesses and excellent experiences for customers/users. Some of the examples of machine learning applications include:

Why we are different
from others

Traffic alerts on Google Maps and other navigation systems to help commuters plan better routes between destinations. Social media is another popular beneficiary of machine learning. One good example is that of automatic face tagging in Facebook.

Online fraud detection is among the top areas in which machine learning has proved its potential. For example, PayPal uses the technology as a defence against money laundering.

Personalized product recommendation in online retail industry. Messages like ‘customers who bought ABC product also bought the following products’ are examples of machine learning examples.

Other machine learning applications include virtual personal assistants like speech recognition and text to voice conversion, self-driving cars, Uber’s Geosurge and more.

Tech Explica enrols hundreds of machine learning aspirants every year to its machine learning training and certification programs that are relevant to the current industry demands. With us, you can learn machine learning concepts and gain in-depth knowledge of practically applying the technology for real industry projects. Our programs are recognized for professional level skill-building aimed at filling the current gap in the demand and availability of machine learning experts.

Who Can Join Machine Learning Courses?

To join machine learning courses at Tech Explica, there are no pre-requisites. We design our courses in a way that aspirants from all backgrounds and different levels of knowledge can join them. Our programs are available for:

  • Beginners who are pursuing their graduation or have just completed graduation and are looking for a rewarding career
  • Analytics professionals like business analysts and analytic managers looking to up their skills using data science and machine learning
  • Developers willing to become machine learning or data science experts
  • Traditional IT experts targeting new rewarding fields like artificial intelligence and data analytics
  • Information architects and business intelligence professionals who consider machine learning as the trending way to add value to their organizations

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Our courses are all-inclusive which means that these are designed to cover each and every aspect of machine learning and associated fields so that you develop the right skills and core competencies. As the training gets over, you would have expertise in:

  • Basic and advanced machine learning
  • Programming languages like Python, R etc. that are widely used in the field
  • Data analysis principles and processes like data extraction, cleaning, preparation, modelling and visualization
  • Artificial intelligence concepts like neural network basics, natural language processing, computer vision and more
  • Tools and models like Tensor Flow and more

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

At Tech Explica, we understand that our machine learning programs are meant to provide a strong career foundation. Hence, we are dedicated to make them worthwhile with features like:

  • Carefully planned and regularly revised course curriculum to keep your learning at pace with evolving trends
  • Live projects, demonstrations and case studies to provide real practical skills and not just theoretical knowledge
  • Providing machine learning knowledge to match up with a variety of domains like retail, travel, healthcare, social media and more
  • Periodic assessment to ensure that you make the best out of the training

What Make Machine Learning Certification Important? (With HPE Certification)

Machine learning certification is useful as it establishes the certificate holder’s standing as an expert in the field. With certification, you are more likely to:

  • Increase your employability in the market
  • Get better response from potential employers
  • Earn salary packages as per the industry standards
  • Showcase your skills and come out with better performance

Why Choose Tech Explica for Machine Learning Courses?

We differentiate our training and certification from others in many ways like:

  • Personalized career mentoring and support to aid in successful placement
  • Top machine learning experts assigned as instructors
  • One-on-one attention on every trainee
  • Professional learning environment and practical project exposure

With the right machine learning certification in hand, you can explore rewarding career opportunities not just in India but globally. Feel free to contact us for more information.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Machine Learning Courses?

Machine learning experts are in great demand with job openings been created on regular basis. Some of the job positions you can apply for after machine learning training include:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.