India ranks third when it comes to the penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) skills in the country’s workforce, as per the recent reports. The Analytics India Magazine estimates the worth of AI industry in India for 2018-19 at $230 million which increased from $180 million over the previous year. According to Gartner, AI is projected to eliminate 1.8 million jobs while creating 2.3 million new jobs globally by 2020. At the annual budget 2019, India’s honourable Finance Minister specifically mentioned the importance of allocating funds for development of technologies like AI. In short, demand for AI professionals is experiencing a rise.

And, why not! These professionals are highly skilled to design and deploy AI solutions for different purposes and domains. Some examples include:

Why we are different
from others

Personalized customer support in retail and ecommerce industry & Improved patient outcomes and prevention of medical errors in healthcare

Data protection in cyber security and fraud detection in finance and banking & Automated chatbots for better customer/user experience in ecommerce and social media

Data management and data analytics to help businesses create better products and services

Market forecasting, decision making and process automation in marketing & Personal care, elderly care etc. For example, Amazon Echo and Google Home

Tech Explica offers artificial intelligence training and certification courses that prepare skilled and knowledgeable artificial intelligence professionals willing to achieve top positions and rewarding career in the industry. As one of the leading providers of technology-led courses, we keep a constant watch on what skill sets and expertise are in demand in various AI domains. It helps us to design courses with right content and deliver it using a practical approach for maximum learning benefits.

Who Can Join Artificial
Intelligence Courses?

To join artificial courses training programs with Tech Explica, there are no designated pre-requisites. You may join if you are a:

  • Under graduate and Entry-level graduate from any background and looking to start a career in artificial intelligence
  • Software developer willing to switch to artificial intelligence based application development
  • Data science professional who wish to add value to their skills for AI domain
  • Analytics professional who wish to take up jobs as data analytics for AI domain
  • Any other working professionals like network admin, system admin, information architect willing to become an AI professional

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Artificial intelligence courses provide you valuable insights into the technology, its concepts and fundamentals as well as practice knowledge and skills that you would utilize in real. Here are the main skills you would learn through our courses:

  • Artificial intelligence basics
  • Fundamentals of machine learning and deep learning
  • Artificial neural network
  • Data science and data analytics
  • Natural language processing
  • Designing and building AI projects
  • TensorFlow and its functions
  • Robot localization
  • Tools, programming languages and frameworks used in AI

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

At Tech Explica, we make every possible attempt to ensure the usefulness of our training programs to fit in the current and future scenarios. For this, we design our AI courses:

  • Adhering to the current industry standards
  • Matching the demands of various industries, from finance and ecommerce to cyber security and retail
  • Covering real case studies, live projects, well-designed training modules and more
  • Suitable for complete beginners and for those with technical backgrounds

What Make Artificial Intelligence Certification Important? (With HPE Certification)

If you wish to work with one of the above-mentioned companies and other potential employers, you need to raise your employability through certification. Here’s why you need to acquire AI certification:

  • To be competitive in the market
  • To differentiate yourself from the average learners
  • To add valuable credentials to your resume
  • To be skilful and prove the same at job
  • To earn better and grow in career

Why Choose Tech Explica for Artificial Intelligence Courses?

We are proud to prepare AI experts to fill in the gap in the industry. With us, you get advantages like:

  • Classroom learning approach which produces better outcomes
  • Balance between theory and lab-based practical learning
  • Doubt clearing sessions and regular assessments
  • Top AI experts as instructors
  • Portfolio development and placement assistance

AI industry in India is reshaping the jobs market in the country. Get ready to leverage the benefits by joining an AI course with us today.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Artificial Intelligence Courses?

After becoming a trained and certified artificial intelligence professional, you would be joining the league of in-demand candidates. Apart from big companies like Accenture, Infosys, IBM, Microsoft and HCL, there are many other employers constantly in need of:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.