Harvard Business Review termed data science ‘the sexiest job title of the 21st century’. According to The Economic Times, the demand for data science professionals in India has increased by 400% in the past couple of years. Let’s start by understanding the roles of data science professionals that have become critical for the success and growth of organizations from different industries:

Why we are different
from others

Gathering of data from various sources and converting it into useful information to empower valuable business decisions.

Recognize customer trends in order to help develop better business products and services and deliver improved customer experience and service.

Data analysis to help companies detect frauds and implement better data security and compliance, Aid business advertising and marketing by collecting, interpreting and using data from sources like social media.

Development of tools and algorithms (liked those based on artificial intelligence) to automate various processes like making recommendations to customers based on their past behaviours.

Tech Explica offers courses to become data science professional through practical training and industry-specific certifications. With us, you will be attending mentored classes to gain skills and knowledge about various aspects of data science. It would be followed by real-life problem solving and project creation to leverage what you learn. Ultimately, you will be ready to work as a skilled data science professional at some of the top industry positions with the best employers from different domains.

Who Can Join Data Science Courses?

Considering the huge gap in demand and supply of data science professionals, we recommend data science courses to:

  • Students currently undertaking academic courses.
  • Beginners from any background and new to data analytics industry.
  • IT professionals who wish to switch from traditional job profiles to the modern data science positions.
  • Marketing professionals who wish to up-skill their work profiles.
  • Managers and analysts who consider data science as the next level to add value to their organizations.
  • Business owners (especially small to medium entrepreneurs) willing to improve business efficiencies.

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Our courses are designed to teach core competencies and industry-relevant skills through hands-on training for comprehensive concept building and exposure to real-life projects. You will learn:

  • Data science introduction, basics and roles of data scientists
  • Collecting and importing structured and unstructured data from various sources
  • Data mining and analyzing to identify hidden patterns, trends and behaviours
  • Cleaning the acquired data and validating it for correctness and completeness
  • Interpreting the data to find useful opportunities
  • Basic and advanced data manipulation with R
  • Data visualization and modelling
  • Predictive data analytics.
  • Use of popular tools like SQL, SSIS, Tableau and more
  • Linear algebra, statistics, machine learning and other related concepts
  • Programming skills using R, SAS, Python and other popular languages

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

At Tech Explica, we make data science training a carrier-oriented process by offering:

  • Carefully planned course content that encompasses all important data science concepts, tools and technologies
  • Perfect balance of classroom lectures, lab sessions and project works for comprehensive learning
  • Regular evaluation through assignments, exercises, quizzes and other useful means
  • Guidance to prepare for some of the top data science certifications
  • Easy learning of various technical and mathematical concepts even for those with non-computer science and non-mathematics backgrounds

What Make Data Science Certification Important? (With HPE Certification)

Data science training and certification is important to build deep knowledge and to gain practical exposure about the field. As a certified data science professional, you would:

  • Have better credentials added to your resume
  • Become eligible to work with organizations from different domains like business and e-commerce, healthcare, finance, telecommunications, social media as well as government
  • Be relevant in the market as a data science professional in the long run
  • Earn better and enjoy steady career growth
  • Find it easy to up your data science skills in the future with the basic foundation laid right

Why Choose Tech Explica for Data Science Courses?

Tech Explica has been offering data science courses for many years. With us, you get advantages like:

  • Constant upgrading of course content with advancement in the field
  • Learning from the best-in-class data science faculty
  • Guidance to select the right data science course depending on your background and preferences
  • Placement assistance including information about the best employers, communication skills, interview tips and updated job opportunities
  • Right pace learning in the traditional classroom setup which is still relevant

Be the next data scientist working on a rewarding position in the booming industry! Get in touch with us today to know the course details.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after Data Science Courses?

Data science training paves path for a number of career profiles and job positions that include:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.