With salaries of data analytics and data science professionals on constant rise in India and across the world, more number of people are now willing to acquire data analytics training and certification. Among the many options available in the field, data analytics using Python is the most preferred ones. Statistics show that nearly 45% of data scientists in India use Python. Also, 17% of jobs listed in the category of data science and analytics demand Python as one of the core competencies. Here are some reasons that make Python a popular language among data science professionals:

Why we are different
from others

It is simple to learn and implement. It requires fewer lines of coding and makes development of data analytics tools much faster.

The wonderful data science and machine learning libraries of Python, including SciPy, Pandas and NumPy are great aid in data analysis.

Python is supported an active and ever-growing community of users who are constantly contributing towards its usefulness.

With the recent improvements, the graphic and data visualization abilities of Python have come at par with those of R.

Tech Explica’s range of data science and data analytics training and certification courses include data analytics using Python as one of the most preferred ones. We pack the program with classroom learning, lab sessions and exposure to industry-relevant projects and case studies to endorse comprehensive understanding of Python for data analysis. At the end of the training, you will be a certified data analytics professional with Python as your core competency.

Who Can Join Data Analytics using Python Courses?

Data science and analysis is one field that doesn’t essentially requires one to have technical background. While our courses for data analytics using Python are great options for beginners, even the working professionals in various fields can opt for it to enjoy steady career growth. We recommend these courses to:

  • Under graduates looking for career in industry as data analytics after completion of degree
  • Entry-level graduates who wish to kick-start their careers as data analytics experts
  • Python programmers who wish to switch from programming to data science positions
  • Analytics professionals who are looking to up their skills using Python
  • IT professionals who are willing to enter the field of analytics
  • Anyone willing to leverage the rewards associated with data science and analytics fields

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

Our team of course designers are constantly in touch with the data analytics industry to keep a watch on what skills and competencies are desired from data analytics professionals. Keeping that in mind, our data analytics with Python courses are designed to prepare you with skills like:

  • Python programming
  • Data science processes
  • Scientific and mathematical computing using Python
  • Use of various Python libraries to perform data analysis
  • Machine learning using Python programming
  • Natural language processing
  • Extracting, analyzing, manipulating, storing and visualizing data

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

What makes data analytics using Python training with Tech Explica different and better than what other institutes offer? Here are some of the top aspects that make us popular among aspiring data analytics professionals:

  • Even those with no prior knowledge of programming or data science can join the course.
  • Course content is designed in a way that it not only covers all important aspects of Python and data analytics, but is also in sync with the current and future demands of the industry.
  • Use of case studies, projects, problems and assignments to promote deep understanding of various concepts.
  • Equal amounts of time devoted towards classroom learning, lab sessions and project works to develop professional-level knowledge and skills.

What Make Data Analytics using Python Certification Important? (With HPE/Microsoft Certification)

Professional training and certification has become an important pre-requisite to gain knowledge and get places in various industries. Our data analytics using Python programs help you become a certified professional with:

  • Great skills added to your resume
  • Better knowledge and exposure
  • Improved market relevancy
  • Enhanced chances to crack interviews
  • Ability to perform great and grow in the field
  • Opportunities to earn better than others

Why Choose Tech Explica for Data Analytics using Python Courses?

Tech Explica is fast becoming a choice of many to enter the data science industry. Apart from industry-relevant courses for data analytics using Python, we offer advantages like:

  • Convenient classroom learning with small batches and focus on every individual
  • Faculty with many years of experience in data analytics and Python
  • Certifications in partnerships with some of the leading names in the industry
  • Guidance and assistance in job interviews and placements

The career-defining combination of data analytics and Python is indeed a great option to go for. For more details about the courses, contact us right now.

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