TECH EXPLICA Commitment: 100% PLACEMENT Assistance

Besides quality training in software, networking, hardware and practical project workshops, TECH EXPLICA provides you a platform to kick-start your career in the ever-expanding IT & ITeS industry. Yes, we not only train you but also ensure that you get a placement to begin your dreams in the field of information and technology. TECH EXPLICA offers a commitment – 100% Placement Assistance.

We make sure that as soon as a student clears his training successfully, TECH EXPLICA Dedicated Placement Cell comes into action. We help our become a thorough professional and help him/her score an interview with major companies in a wide range of job roles that include but not limited to roles such as programmer, database analyst, web developer, and software consultant, and among others.

These job roles are the direct roles that are translated by our expert training. Placement ensures that you have a job in hand right after training so that your practical experience can back up the course you undertake and become a start of your resume that kick starts your journey in this demanding field.


TECH EXPLICA is the leader in placements and ensures our students get placement; to ensure this we have a dedicated placement-wing that satisfies the requirements of the students to achieve their dreams.

Moreover, TECH EXPLICA also provides the students in generating their RESUME as per the standards of the industry, making sure to develop the resume to align it with their core competencies.

Besides this, TECH EXPLICA also holds sessions that help in Personality Development of our students that include Mock Interviews, Communication Skills, Spoken English, Presentation skills and Group Discussions, to develop students into a corporate-ready professional to take challenging interview situation without any difficulty.

All this, together with the training, TECH EXPLICA prepares its students as competent candidates to get good placements in top IT FIRMS such as HCL, Infosys, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Accenture, Wipro and so many more.


Facilitating the state-of-the-art infrastructure, TECH EXPLICA provides the best of domain-specific Skill Learning Courses in all requisite fields of technical areas.

TECH EXPLICA  has suitable equipment and training culture for the students to enable them make the most of their training. In addition, students will get to the experience of real life situations pertaining to the technical processes, helping them have the all-important Hands–on experience.

TECH EXPLICA’s technical training programs are focused on establishing our students’ prowess in technical skills besides building mastery in soft skills such as presentation, communication, interviewing questionnaire, teamwork and a complete personality package.

To achieve this, TECH EXPLICA‘s training mandates Soft Skill training as compulsory feature for all our students to as part of their training. Keeping this mind, TECH EXPLICA  has structural educational approach, which is based on design-specific thinking and conceptual application. Therefore, we assign our trainees to work on real-time projects. These real-time projects are benefitted by the concepts that our students learn and practice it in theory. Therefore, our students are enabled to take additional responsibilities in their job and withstand the pressures of the job.


Besides helping you build your skills, TECH EXPLICA will also help you in developing your resume as well as the cover letter that appropriates your training and skills. Knowing that every resume and cover letter is begun with a sole goal in mind – marketing the candidate for the desired position, trainers at TECH EXPLICA are well-versed in the know-how of effectively proving the value of the candidate and back it with future performance, taking it all into account.

TECH EXPLICA  was founded on the principles of string will and even stronger values. We believe that Resume should do the initial talking and create a base for our candidate. Every resume is prepared taking into account the criteria and eligibility of these companies for all our students. With the corroboration of our real-time trainers, TECH EXPLICA  relegates significant amount of time and effort to help our students draft in a better way, making it presentable as well as precise.


Whether you are applying for a well-deserved promotion, a new job or an interview as a beginner, TECH EXPLICA’s Interview Skills Coaching Sessions will prepare you with all that you need. Our courses, workshops and training will have you move towards your goal with confidence, enthusiasm, energy, clarity and above all the encouragement to present the best of yourself and your skills to in the interview.

If you have an important interview coming up, TECH EXPLICA’s Interview Skills Coaching Session is your place to be.

TECH EXPLICA  one to one interview skills coaching sessions are structured to prepare you with everything to give your best in getting the job. With you, TECH EXPLICA  will be looking at all the options and strategize it in a way so that you could personally maximize and translate your interview as a golden opportunity to translate it into a job.


Whether you are a student, employee or a manager, you can now relax, without any fuss we promise, because TECH EXPLICA  offers E-mail writing classes to one and all. Effective communication is the key to get your message across.

TECH EXPLICA  facilitates classes for our attendees in brushing up their techniques, provide tips and offer insight into the best practices of email etiquette to enable them to successfully write and communicate their messages and eliminate any unnecessary fillers and frills.

TECH EXPLICA offers E-mail writing classes that include a 2.5-hour class in person as well as 1.75-hour live online session. You can take your pick; whichever timing suits your interests and you could easily fit it in your hectic schedule.

We assure you that both formats are designed to help our attendees in making the most of these classes. These quality classes include lots of interactive learning, healthy discussions, and drafting an effective but precise e-mail letter and messages.

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