R is definitely the most in-demand analytical tool across the globe. In simple words, it is widely used for data analysis which is at the core of the blooming trends like data science and big data. It has been estimated that there are nearly 2 million R users across the world. While the USA has the highest number of R programmers, India is ranked second in this regard. Here are some of the well-known R applications and top companies that use R in one way or the other:

Why we are different
from others

Statistical analysis and modelling, Stunning data visualization, Predictive analysis

Creating interactive web applications, Bank of America uses R for creating financial reports, R is a popular tool for credit risk analysis as used by the top banking firms like Australia’s ANZ

Social media analytics is one of the most popular uses of R. For example, it facilitates behavioural analysis in Facebook and user experience monitoring in Twitter

R is also used for vehicle design improvement by Ford, predicting floods by US National Weather Service, ROI calculation of Google advertising and more

Tech Explica has designed instructor-led classroom learning training and certification courses in R programming for those who consider programming and data analysis among top career options. We are guided by the industry experts as well as top corporate hirers to design R programming courses that meet the current and future requirements of the field. The best part of our courses is that these are available for aspirants from different backgrounds.

Who Can Join R Programming Courses?

We offer R programming courses to beginner-level graduates as well as working professionals looking for career switch or growth. You can join one of these courses, if you are a:

  • Undergraduates and Fresher and has inclination towards programming
  • IT professional ready to switch to a career in data analysis
  • R programmer willing to work as a data analyst or data scientist
  • Business intelligence professional willing to contribute towards business decisions based on data analysis

What Skills/Competencies
Do You Develop?

We prefer that you learn R programming through a practical approach. For this, we follow a step-by-step process so that you have deep understanding of all R concepts and develop professional skills in a desired manner. Here are the skills and concepts you would be expert in at the end of the course:

  • Basics of R language, including basic features, built-in functions and more
  • Fundamental principles of programming in R, along with customization of R studio
  • Web scraping with R
  • Machine learning with R
  • Data reading, collection, storage, preparation, transformation and interpretation
  • Predictive modelling and data visualizations
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data analysis

What Are the Top Features and Highlights of Our Courses?

We have been getting positive response from our R programming trainees who count our courses among the best in the industry. Here are some of the best aspects of learning R with us:

  • Enrol with the most relevant R programming course content designed after taking clues from the top industry requirements
  • Learn a valuable concept at the end of each and every session
  • Indulge in real projects and problem solving skills to gain deep exposure of the technology
  • Enhance your eligibility for different R programming careers through our all-inclusive training programs

What Make R Programming Certification Important? (With HPE Certification)

R programming certification is important if you want to pursue a rewarding career in the industry. Here are some reasons:

  • Learn R programming in time less than that consumed in self-learning
  • Build concrete concepts through classroom and lab learning
  • Work on projects similar to what you would be handling at job
  • Kick start your career by making your resume better than others
  • Be in demand, get better salaries and expect fast career growth

Why Choose Tech Explica for R Programming Courses?

Tech Explica understands your needs and expectations and is the right destination to learn R at the professional level. In addition, we:

  • Provide comprehensive learning content exclusively designed by our experts
  • Hire the most learned experts in R, data science, data analytics and other fields to be your instructors
  • Obtain valuable certifications that are in huge demand and impress the hirers
  • Get complete assistance in getting placed with the top employers across the country

R programming gives your career the desired boost and places you among the thousands of real data science experts. Join one of the courses today or call us in case of queries.

What Career Opportunities Are Available after R Programming Courses?

R is one of the most popular programming and analytic languages with more number of IT companies and businesses from various domains constantly looking for R professionals. Some of the top career options in the field include:

Be a part of the HPE Certificate of competency program today & begin your journey towards a bright future.