Besides theory, 100 % practical training is the stepping stone for an aspiring and ambitious IT professional towards getting to the placements they deserve to fullfil their dreams if good employment opportunities. Tech Explica, along with Professional Mentors from the Industry offers 4/6/8 weeks Internship for Winter Training.

If you are looking to add more value to your resume and hoping to stand out among your peers, our specialty courses are a perfect solution. 100 % Practical Training is part of our curriculum that has been specifically designed by Professional Mentors from the Industry. Our tie-ups with leading IT firms ensure our students are up-to-date with latest trends in the industry as well as Latest Technologies.

These days, as much as there are opportunities, there are as much challenges in the post-recession world. So, how to stand out among the rest? Staying one step ahead of the others is not the desire these days but a necessity. Tech Explica is the destination for your quest for knowledge and opportunities!

Hence, Winter Training offers a wide range of courses and to support that our qualified trainers have designed the courses to help not only to add an enviable skill set in the candidate resumes but also brush up core competencies with the help of Professional Mentors from the Industry.

To join an elite company, one needs expertise not a mere degree or a certification, which is why we have meticulously designed our curriculum that revolve around performance-based evaluations, latest technologies and hands-on experience , thereby facilitating 100% Practical Training.

In a world where companies are employing strict screening processes and expecting the candidate to go above and beyond his call of duty, our Winter Training in Delhi NCR gives a solid base to a new beginner as well as an experienced professional to stay abreast with latest trends.

A specialty certification that is designed by Professional Mentors from the Industry help in getting to the interview and brushing up the core concepts makes it all the more easier.

To ensure that our candidates rightly complete the training, we maintain a good Student-Trainer Ratio for effective learning as well as offer Live Projects. This also ensures that candidates get an adequate time to clear their doubts as well as polish their learning for an effective training to take place. Therefore, we value our performance-based tests and our focal point is kept on clearing concepts and readying our candidate for a fast-paced workplace and the pressure that comes with it. Of course, our Placement assistance includes a dedicated wing to ensure our students get to their dream job.

Contact us to know more about these courses on programming languages; our trainers can also help underlining your interests.

Certificate is also issued for this training.
This program is for B.E/B.Tech/MCA/BCA students.

Placement Opportunity is also provided for the training candidates

Artificial Intelligence

India ranks third when it comes to the penetration of artificial intelligence (AI) skills in the country’s workforce, as per the recent reports. The Analytics India Magazine estimates the worth of AI industry in India for 2018-19 at $230 million which increased from $180 million over the previous year. Read More…

Data Science

The inclusion of Big Data with the current RDBMS managements, makes the data science stronger than the before. This data science includes math, statistics and computer science. The data scientists empower management and officers to decide properly. A proper business strategy can be planned as per the report. Read More…

Machine Learning

Machine learning and associated fields like data science and artificial intelligence have contributed massively towards a new and hot job market in India. According to LinkedIn, there are nearly 10 times more machine learning engineers in the global industry than 5 years ago. Read More…


Python is accepted as the most preferred programming language worldwide. Its popularity can be estimated from the fact that many top-notch websites like YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Netflix and Dropbox are written using Python. Read More…

Big Data & Hadoop

Big data means really a big data, it is a collection of large datasets that cannot be processed using traditional computing techniques. Big data is not merely a data, rather it has become a complete subject, which involves various tools, techniques and frameworks. Read More…

R Programming

R is definitely the most in-demand analytical tool across the globe. In simple words, it is widely used for data analysis which is at the core of the blooming trends like data science and big data. It has been estimated that there are nearly 2 million R users across the world. Read More…

Cloud Computing

The practice of using a network of remote servers hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. Read More…

Internet of Things

A thing, in the Internet of Things, can be a person with a heart monitor implant, a farm animal with a biochip transponder, an automobile that has built-in sensors to alert the driver when tire pressure is low — or any other natural or man-made object that can be assigned an IP address and provided with the ability to transfer data over a network.

Ethical Hacking

It was reported that in 2013, firms in India lost $4 billion due to hacking and cyber frauds. It was again reported in 2017 that the number of cyber attacks in the country almost doubled from 82,000 in 2016 to 159,700 in 2017. Read More

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, security includes both cybersecurity and physical security.


AngularJS is a popular open source framework provided by Google to get resolved the issues faced by the developers at the time of development and testing of the code. AngularJs comes with HTML codes and application element creating a framework and Model view controller architecture.


Application development training program includes learning of complete Android Architecture, Android-SDK, Programming for Mobile & Tablet Phone on multiple emulators & devices.

Digital Marketing

SEO as Search Engine Optimization plays the role of online promotion of a company with product and services. SEO and SMO are two hands of online promotion. Without Social media promotion, the traffic level will be less improved. Read More…


.Net training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on .Net technologies. Training includes learning from very basic program to system registry, system api programming.

Microsoft Technology Associate

The Microsoft Technology Associate certification is an entry-level certification designed to help individuals take the first step toward a career as an IT professional or developer. An Microsoft Technology Associate certification is based on 70 percent knowledge and 30 percent skills.

Embedded Systems & Robotics

Embedded systems are computing systems that are designed for a specific application with a dedicated function within a larger mechanical or electrical system. It is a computer that has been built to solve only a few very specific problems and is not easily changed. It is often required to provide Real-Time response.


An MCSE certification is a globally recognized standard qualification for IT networking professionals. The new MCSE certification is recognized by employers at the highest level of business infrastructures and specifically includes skills like infrastructure design, installation techniques, network configuration, network administration and migration of systems.


Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.

Network Technologies & Devices

A widely adopted family of transmission media used in local area network (LAN) technology is collectively known as Ethernet. The media and protocol standards that enable communication between networked devices over Ethernet are defined by IEEE 802.3.


Php is a server-side scripting language. Php training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on php, mysql, html, JavaScript, web designing and Dreamweaver etc.


UNIGRAPHICS is an exclusive CAD/CAM system, obtainable for student use at USC. The system is authoritative, but it also is big and multifaceted.


SolidWorks is a Parasolid-based solid modeler, and employ a parametric feature-based advance to create models and assemblage. Parameters submit to constraints whose standards conclude the outline or geometry of the model or assembly.


AUTOCAD has provided the platform for extensively enigmatic structures with the least chances of any complication or designing barrier. AUTOCAD as it says AUTOMATIC COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN is a software program developed to create 2D and 3D (dimensional) infrastructures, along with the superb feature of drafting.


CATIA is a multi-platform CAD/CAM/CAE business software suite created by a French company. Written in the C++ programming language, CATIA is the keystone of the Dassault Systems.

Core Java

Java training program gives you vast & in-depth, hands-on practical experience on Java programming. Training includes from very basic program to Multithreading, Applets, SWT, Swings, OOP.

Unique Features

  • Trained more than 50,000 students and corporate professionals
  • Placed More than 15000+ in past 5 Years
  • Conducted More than 500 + Work shop trainings in various college campus
  • Small batch size 4-6 students per batch for individual attention
  • 300+ Companies tie-up and Dedicated Placement Cell for unlimited Interviews
  • Corporate & Certified professional as Instructors to provide the training with real time scenarios
  • Excellent lab facilities for Unlimited use with Wi-Fi & Air-conditioned campus
  • In-Depth Training in Live Projects with interview based questions to crack the interview
  • Involving in Custom Software Development and Independent Software Testing
  • Student coordinator to monitor each session and maintain student attendance & history chart till get the job
  • Placement Training and Placement Support for all the students by Zero Cost
  • Planned Course Schedule and Feedback collection for each class to ensure the Quality Training from 1st day onwards
  • Issuing Software, Materials, Exam Dumps, Lab Guide, Resume preparation, Course Completion Certification. International Certification from Hewlett Packard, Microsoft Technology Associate, Microsoft Office Specialist, Autodesk and Adobe.
  • Available On-campus or Off-campus such as Class Room and Work Shop
  • Available of Long Term Courses, Short Term Courses, Summer Courses, summer, winter, project and industrial internship etc.,
  • Available of Normal (Regular ) Track, Fast Track and Crash courses
  • Developed 20000+ individual Final Year Student projects in different platform and domains
  • Convenient On Road location at most prominent location of Delhi and well connected through metro and bus on main ring road and reach us easily

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